Monday, July 25, 2011

Lazy Monday

Classes on Monday memang memalaskan saya! (sebenarnye bukan monday je kan! hari2 pun!) Class supposed to start at 8am, but our lecturer extend the starting time to 8.30am, so every monday i'll go to class at 9am =)

First class is Corporate Accounting, for 3 hours, then continue with Internal Audit class for 2 hours, and then break for one hour straight away proceed with Professional Ethics class for another 2 hours! So, it kinda tiring & boring, if we don't get creative! HAHA! =p So budak2 ni selalu ade je kerja nye! main pen2 color, makan2 ala2 picnic, main rambut etc...!

Pictures title : Makan kuaci dalam class. *kuaci, credit to mirrah.tq ^^

Hmmmmm, midterms not end yet! Lot more to go!
Best of luck peeps! =)

Mana tak 'pandai' student2 kesayangan lecturer ni! Tengok la perangai !

p/s : Gambar sekadar hiasan

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