Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shopping Is Girls Bestfriend!

I guess so...

Was with Mirrah, Ezza & Geemah...
Shopping, chilling, spend moneys, watch movie!!! Nice one!
We bought clothes, shirt, blouse, cardigan! awww
Masa balik, each one of us carrying bags... paper bag, plastic bag...


X-Men First Class

As for the day, we watched X-Men First Class...
It a nice movie, okay again, i'm loser, it my first time watching X-men...
Best rupa2 nyeee! Ingat kan cite besi2 ni x best!


The nicest part about today is, the movie ticket only cost me RM 6 coz it Wednesday yawww! ;)
N in almost every shops, there's SALE sign in front of the door!!!

p/s : never get enough of shopping!!!

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