Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hello Hello! Welcome Delta!!!

Okay, another one academic year dah habis, 've been trough a lot this yr, and i learnt a lot this time, really a lot... ;) For sure, this time around, i should be, again, more matured... Da belajar da, macam manaaa nak jadi manusia, or bakal manusia berjaya =p?! insyaallah =)

And this time around, i wanna study hard, really hard... Insyaallah... Dah excited ni waiting for the new semester, for a whole new adventures, challenges, knowledges & dramas...? =D

Dah 3rd year da pun, semakin hampir dgn dunia ACCOUNTANTS! or any related fields... I've got the view, i can't wait to be there! ;)

Result semester ni, hmmm, alhamdulillah, ok la, better than previous semester, tapi need to be improves...

For the last academic year, thanks to everyone that have been around me all these while, gone through all those "series", episode by episode, with me, i appreciate it and ever, i wont forget, ALL of u k (u know who) especially to my besties, zz...

SRM, i love u too seriously... *x lupa langsung okay! Thanks for giving me such a beautiful memory with u all!

I really loves my gamma year, btw, i;m currently 21 years old...
From now onwards, i will be more responsible & really, i wanna study hard this time, study from the early of the semester, hopefully... Hunting for A's begin, now! =( *sedih tau selalu bila x dapat A... Minta2 la ada harapan A's =(
Attendance 100% saya x janji, tapi untuk belajar dgn gigih, it my promise ;)

Let's begin the whole new chapter, with my family, my loves one, my bestfriends, all around me! =)

I hope that everyone that i love will be by my side, praying for me, supporting me, all the way...
Bye2 gamma year, WELCOME DELTA! ;)

Caution Delta, xde lagi perkataan "innocent" dalam kamus, watch out ;) ;) ;)

Alat2 tulis da beli yang baru da semua... Hostel pun bilik baru nanti... *excited! Jom ke class!!!

p/s : Thanks m.i. z.z. s.n. k.h. etc... from me with ♥ =p hmm, thanks sbb, slalu ade dgn saya & tolong saya. thanks s.s. m.s. n.a., thanks sbb, selalu dgr cecite2 saya...
p/s : Cant wait to c u tomorrow!!! Yeayy! imysm, my favourite!

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