Thursday, May 19, 2011



Siang hari...
I watched Priest with my girl friend, ishiqha...

Cerita ni, best! Memang best laaa! It about loyalty, family, friendship, fatherhood etc...

Alkisah pasal Priest ni, setia nak mati serve for bandar gereja kot, perang and so on... But tiba2 family die ade problem and he need helps but ketua gereja tu halang die selamatkan family die, and there the conflicts goes dan it a journey, and a war(indirectly) daripada 3 penjuru,

Siapa2 suka cerita tantang vampire, adventures, cerita ni memang best! ;)


Fast Five

Malam hari... tgk ni pulak!
Perfect movie ever!
Watched it with my prince charming (=p). Actually it my first time watching Fast & Furious series, and lepas tgk, rasa nak download semua drpd siri ni! Best yang amat! Smart movie!

As usual, kisah menerangkan tentang pencurian kereta, this time, there're in Brazil! ;)
Watch how they drift & drive & watch how they escape! ;)

A MUST WATCH!!! Please tengok la tengok la =p


AiRa's stUfF said...

sama la fifa. i pn rsa nk dload suma past movies lpas tgk yg ni..luckily kwn i dload, so i just copy frm dye.. tp best kannn!!

Afifah said...

yerpz3x!!! Best gile Fast 5! tu sbb curious gile pasal series die sblm2 ni! ;)