Saturday, April 30, 2011

MMU Award 2011

MMU Award 2011

Theme : Metallic blue & silver

All clubs, gather in one hall, for the hunting of, the awards...

But what is it, about an award? For me, it all about,achievement, memories, pahit & manis bekerja, sacrifices we took, conflicts occured(professionally and vice versa), and awareness, awareness of who have been with u all the time being, when u work out on ur event! =D

Overall, the foods, wasn't that awesome! The eventflow, so so laaa. The decorations? Cannot compete on previous year MMU award laaa...

The foods

Tun Siti Hasmah as VVIP

And3x! I cant write all the awards winners, coz totally, i cant remember...
But SRM Cyberjaya won the best humanitary service award for our RMP(Rakan Muda Prihatin) & Jom! Kayuh Beca won the best collaboratives award!

SRM-nians with our precious award! congratz SRM, congratz SRM president, luqman!

From grand hall with love

p/s : (love u)

With Zaris Zareeqa! A very3x good friend of mine!
Love u!

With Wan Khaizatul Izwa, head of souvenir terbaik JKB!

p/s : Tipulah kalau cakap x mengharapkan apa2 bila kita buat event dan memenatkan2 diri hari2 dgn benda2 remeh2 dan xde kene mengena dgn hidup kita, tipulah if i said oh intrinsic reward is enough, tapi penghargaan yang saya harapkan, peringatan yang saya harapkan, kenangan pahit manis kekal dalam ingatan yang saya harapkan =D
Congratz Muiz, Izzat & Bear for JKB, congratz Luqman for SRM!

xoxo, love ya!

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