Friday, February 11, 2011


Actually done with 3 papers already! Wish me luck with the remaining 2, it on Thursday, still plenty of times kan... Two, sounds easy, but it two killer papers for this semester for me! Sebab, one of the paper, is real killer paper, it Corporate Finance; and another one, i never listened for the lecture, during her lecture, i played sudoku, or just talking non stop! And i always skipped her tutorial as well, went to IOI mall or alamanda to have lunch, it not that i hate taxation but the lecture is way to boring duh! Huahaha!

Okay last few days, sejak exam week ni, i spent most of my times in the library & bilik Ezza, studying with mirrah & ezza! Preparing 4 Management Decision Science, Business Law, Financial Statement Analysis sume2! And yeayy semua da lepas! ada yg senang & susah, x sia2 study for certain subject, n x sia2 x study untuk certain subject(sebab kalau study pun x dapat juga) hahaha! Tengok perangai!

Exam2 ni, xbest! Sebab nak have fun tapi hati x tenang! Damn betul! hehehe~

After exam plan? Haaaa, ade la jugaks! ;)

p/s : =(

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