Friday, December 3, 2010

Harry Potter 7 : fashion alert

I watched Harry Potter 7!!! The last time i watched it, was, during primary school, kot, which was Harry Potter 1 (Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secret) kan! Wohoo! Lama gile! kannn! Around 10 years x lebih x kurang!

see how they transform!

Obviously i'm not the big fan of Harry Potter... But this time round, harry potter nampak macam menarik, sebab dah nak kena bunuh kan! I tertarik to watch it sebab tengok iklan die kot, masa semua orang kena tukar jadi harry potter tu, when they tried to transfer harry tu, macam kelakar... =p So i watched it!

But actually the most interesting part in this movie, for me, is, Hermione Granger's outfits! =p Semua nya cantik!!! hee~ =p

see the dress, and her shoes! Nice kan! ;)

Loving the scarf around her neck!

Her bohemian top is simply gorgeous!

And finally, that jacket! pretty!!! 

This is my favourite! Sampai masa tengok, i dengan mengejut cakap "eee, cantik nye baju tu!" =p

p/s : Soeyyy Harry Potter's big fans =p sooo sorry...I'm not into harry potter actually, so i don't know what exactly to write =/
btw, i'm not regret for being in the theatre for this movie ;p


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