Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend's over! Again!
Had enough spending good time with my family!
Had enough fun going here and there! ;)

My first time to taste this so very famous meatball from Ikea... I love it, now! and i can still thinking bout it! When is the next time? =D

I had a fun & 99% perfect weekend! ;)
Thank u =D

p/s : alhamdulillah, saya bersyukur atas kehidupan saya yang jauh dari masalah2... =)


Ezza said...

I pon first time oh try meatball ikea. Sedap kan. :) dgn daim choc.

Afifah said...

yeahhh!!! sedap3x! best3x!♥
daim choc pun da try... hee~ =D

ezza, apsal i da x bole view blog u? invite blk ea! ;)

Ezza said...

blog i tgh private, nnt i open balik then u bole tgk ok. :) hee