Monday, October 25, 2010

Gossip Girl Season 4 Fashion Alert

The dresses, hairs, bags, shoes, accessories, even the umbrella, everything's awesome in Gossip Girl, as usual! But is it less hairband in season 4? I don't know... Let's check it out when the season starts!

Who's style are we looking forward now?! Of course, as usual, B & S's styles!
They are preppy, they are chic, they are elegant, gorgeous, everything! ;)
Their styles are perfect!

Look at their handbags, their shoes! all are so pretty...
Of course they are, they are chanel, louboutin, LV, Bulgari etc...

See that chanel on Blair's! superbly cute handbag ;(

Cant help it, we adore Gossip Girl's wardrobe, dont we?! ;)

p/s : of course i'm gonna post about another season too!

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