Monday, September 13, 2010

Raya vs friendship ;p

Mama masak nasi minyak, ayam masak merah & kari ayam today...! Yumm2! Sebab, my brother's friends came to our house today... and...

My friends came to my house too!!! Yeayy thanks for coming guyz! love' em! Never thought that this friendship will last this long...

Well, beraya to my house is like a tradition for us! It just last year they couldn't come coz everyone's busying! But some of them did came... This year pun, not ALL actually came... Yang datang cuma 文缤, 顺辉, 家义(班长), Kiwi, 佳勇, ZhCheng only... No Daniel, TeakJin, KaiRu, SiaLee... Daniel, he just started with degree classes, and TeakJin with her midterm, but KaiRu & SiaLee? Ehem, I was wondering...

rajinnyerrr lahhh aii~

Anyway, i had realy so much fun talking with them!!! And thanks for the tips yawww! huahaha! =p And they also mentioned that, height is not a matter for a girl lar! So, dont call me short or anything org2... 他们也说“女孩子要那么高做么啦”。。。(你们讲的哦!) ;) Well, also talking about our universities, semua nak banggakan university masing2 jer kan!

Photoshot session, (i lar...), nampak semua tempat nak bergambar kan!

And ohh, boonpin & shunfei, u guys motivated me to study lar! thanks much! ;p 还有,家义班长,不要一直去midvalley 哦!要study, hihi! ;p 佳勇,sorry忘了invite你,take care in Perlis! Kiwi, i'll reply ur msg definitely nxt time!

I never thought u guys never changes, maybe slightly a lil change... But not much! And dont change plish! And guys, 谢谢你们因为你们还是记得我这个朋友哦!Love 'em n this friendship! 我希望这friendship last long!!! ;)

U guys make me miss school so much! Miss those times, isnt it?!

p/s : Looking forward next gathering!!! With all! And with no excuses!

Okay, siap satu karangan, ader conclusion siap! Haha! mcm text ucapan pun ader! =p

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