Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Selena Gomez & Leighton Meester

I open Leighton Meester page on facebook, and i saw her pictures with Selena Gomez... I love and adore them both!!! And then i juz realized that they gonna be in the same movie? Monte Carlo(or something like that?) Aww, love2! Love 'em...!!! ;) They are too cute to be true!!! =p

Love 'em both! ;)

Other teenage celebs i used to loves are, hmm, hillary duff, anne hathaway, ashley tisdale, demi lovato, miley cyrus etc... When i was in high school i even memorise what their favourite colour is, favourite sports and all lar! funny kan! Well, actually i love the way they dressed in their movies... that's why... and i always waiting for their new movies...

And for now, waiting for Monte Carlo!

p/s : Been watching Gossip Girls season 1, now... done with S1, move to 2,3 & 4... later! Anything for me to watch? suggestions? tq!

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