Friday, August 27, 2010

♥ Emily ♥ @ TV3

Last weekend, i watch this drama, it almost finished when i watched it, but it sooooo sweet! i ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ it!!! =) So i was bising2 dekat twitter facebook segala... Haha, soeyy! And i was waiting for it so much dekat Cybertracker! And someone's uploaded it! Thank you!!! ;)

Emily, cerita dia macam ni, Uria & Emily gett married sebab nak memenuhi wasiat kawan baik Uria yg juga abang Emily. They don't know each other and Emily pula setuju nak kahwin dengan Uria sebab dia tak nak duduk dengan uncle dia! Then they get married and lives under the same roof, and that's how the love started... Uria he's an artist, Emily pula a 18 years old girl, tak tau masak and all, but it so sweet that her husband do that everything, and he barely get mad... Memang sweet lar! ;)

And there's a lot of sweet, cute & funny dialogues in this drama! It so sweet when Uria ajak Emily sembahyang jemaah sama2 dia... "...lepas tu aku jadi halimunan, mcm twilight zone", "drpd aku curi lampu kau, baik aku curi lampu stadium...", byk lagi lar... Drama ni was really sweet lar! Must watch!!! Otherwise, xder pula i nak blog bout it kannn! ;p

Pelakon muka nak serious jer, tapi lawak! Dialogues pun lawak! And seriously AdiPutra & Nabila Huda's acting memang not dissapointing at all! =) Hmm, ada pun drama Melayu yang best2! Har, tu not talking about lagu2 dia lagi! Best lar!

Hmm, it just, watch it okies!
I watched it twice, juz finish watching again! And i'm plannin' to watch it all over and over and over again, coz i'm not bored yet ;)

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