Monday, July 26, 2010

From Broga With Love 1

Oh, just to announce, SRM MMU Cyberjaya will be organizing this event
SRM d' Broga
You can see the details in facebook definitely! Join us, before it too late! Sebab, limited spaces and i know mesti ramaiiii nak pergi kan!
Jom melihat keindahan alam semula jadi yang nyaman, permai & harmoni!(merepek jer!)

But da ramai da yg register! better catch up fast!
Jom kawan2!

Date : 7th August 2010(Saturday)
Time : 4.30 am - 11 am
Fees : RM 4 (for SRM members) ; RM 9 (for non-members) ~club membership cards will be given upon payment as a confirmation of your membership!)

Ok, fyi, this is my very first time nak climb this broga hill, dulu last sem ada my friends yg naik and ajak, but da balik rumah lar pulok, and baru2 ni ada program mcm ni lagi but terlepas pula (sbb2 yg x dpt dielakkan) =p So, i'm kinda excited... Ok, that's all! Dakian(ecewah) kali ni definitely not be my first and last time! (see, how excited i am!)

Okies2, nnti lepas panjat, i update lagi! With gambars!

Broga here we come!
MMU fellows! Join us now!
(any inquiries please refer to facebook & yahoo group! hihihi! ;)

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