Sunday, June 13, 2010

Allright, today, my family came here again! =) Actually we went for a wedding, lagi, this time relatives sebelah papa pula... And then after the wedding, i x nak balik, so suruh papa bawa pusing2 naik kereta, belajar jalan lar konon nyerrr... hehe... n so pusing dari bangi tu jalan2 highway jerrr, i saw the mines, then mid, then OU, then utar KJ, then Sunway Pyramid, IOI Mall sampai lar Palm Garden, had dinner there... Then baru balik hostel!!! =p Hahaha, senang nak merayap nnti =p hihihi =p

marinara fetuccini (it just my fav!)

Adik's Fried Beehoon(but it wrapped with roti canai, kinda cute, and sedap lar =p)


And to Ain Dzulaiqa Azmi
Happy Birthday to you
and i missing u...
We used to be roomies, very close, very very close in a very short time, and fyi, i haven't find anyone else to replace u yet =p
I know that because of some misunderstanding, or should i called it, ke-tidak-matang-an (oh bahasa apa ini?), mungkin salah i juga, we was like seperating, i mean, not very close for a certain period...
But i know the friendship will never end, and of course i wish it will never end, forever...
Babe, i miss u... I miss those times we shared together...
N i know whenever we talked, it will always be something to talk about, kannn! Thanks for calling me =)
And no matter it good or bad memories we had, u girls are always my friends, and
i wish, i could fix everything...~

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Melodymilikqa said...

thanks for everything babe! miss u too!