Thursday, April 8, 2010

Allright! Today done with Macroeconomics assignment & presentation, and at leastttttt, i have studied one chapter! hee~ =p Coz have to, really realy HAVEAdd Image to read the chapter we going to present kan...! So, cuma tinggal FAR(lecturer yang baik hati telah postpone kan submission date to the next next monday, rather than this monday ;p) Alhamdulillah... And one more is AIS assignment...

Okies, so today the presentation goin' on quite well lar, the first group presented, our friends juga[Haafiz, Addin, Orex & Vicky(kotz)] okie, they presented well, but it takes very long... While our group Tira(L), Nadya, Anwar & I, hmm, bole lar, and terlalu cepat habis kotz... bagus lar tu... haiz...

our group

So, wanna blog ker x pasal ni? Kelakar juga... About i kena berleter dengan my mama, tapi, hmm, x mau lar, tapi kelakar juga lar to share... Semuanya pasal saya kedekut!!! haha! Kedekut nak beli toner printer~ But, x payah lar details, nnti2 lar i cerita face to face, hahahahaha! =p

sajer mengada dekat class macroecons kan! =p

Bye! =) =) =)

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