Wednesday, March 17, 2010

浪漫满屋 FullHouse

Okie today just now, i just finish watching the very top & famous, most popular korean series, FULL HOUSE! For the very first time!!! =D Overall, fine Rain & the girl is damn cute!!! The story, at the beginning is quite slow and boring, in the middle, allright, but through the end is the best! Like, har, har, this is what we waiting for...
Bout the series,不知爱情几时开始,也不知该怎样逃避。。。That's what i like bout it! =D
I wanna write more but boring kan, orang lain semua da tengok berkurun lama dulu, while i nak cerita lebih2 pula, over pula =p

And i always loves to see what she's wearing! And she wears high heels all the time, making me feel likes,"nak pakai high heels juga lar!" =)



isn't he damn cute when he smiles...

♥ ♥ ♥



My midterm exams queue-ing up! Managerial Accounting on this Thursday, Accounting Information System & Financial Acc and Reporting on Monday, lastly, macroecons next week too... I most most most worried about FAR!!! Like, i know so little about it! Especially company account...
I've talk to one of my senior, about FAR... She said, FAR it hard to learn at first, plus the lectures is not really delivered to us... And FAR is not only important in university or learning stage, but also very very very much important in corporate world.... Yeah i know it part of ACCA subject isn't it... That's why it so difficult t learn, very tough! I really need a good teacher now! Not a teacher with masters or PhD but teacher that can make me understand...=(( So, this is somekind of tips from her... We have to do the exercises in the books more... And just ask any other lecturers if there's any doubt if the way our lecturer's teach not effective to us...=)


p/s : I have new addiction now! yes!


sakura said...

ha5 i agree with you rain so cute and i suggest u to watch love to very sad..

Afifah said...

insyaallah... thanks! =)