Sunday, February 7, 2010

Birthday Celebration 2

Birthday! Not over yet...? Nope nope... =p
Yesterday, my family comes over here, to celebrate my birthday... =D They arrived here quite late, around evening... So, we stayed at Cyberview Lodge... Damn dekat dengan hostel kan! hehehe... But it just, we love the peace there... =p
So... I got presents, of course!!! From adik & papa and mama... Adik gave me a teddy, pink teddy, tiap2 tahun belikan kakak dier teddy bear tau! But still, each time i dapat teddy bear i will feels like heaven okie! so dont worry... =p And papa & mama gave me (da agak da) bracelet & anklet... Love it! and gonna take good care of it! =D
And they actually had bought me cake, Blueberry cheesecake... yumm2...

my birthday cake

with my presents...

with adik and present from him... =) p/s:adik demam =(

cyberview lodge

And yesterday night juga, we went to Kenny Roger's, IOI Mall to have a birthday dinner! I loveeeee the foods there! 流口水啦 thinking of it !!! =p

So, again, happy birthday to me!!!
(p/s:x malu jer, asyik happy bithday to me=pp)

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