Monday, January 18, 2010

HOLA! So as for today's classes... I have attended 3 classes, managerial accounting, financial accounting & reporting and the most interesting part, Spanish class! haha... Spanish is interesting, but it just the lecturer kinda boring... But i certainly looking forward next class! Can't wait... So fun to learn spanish! =) Since Cristiano Ronaldo kan in Spanish league... haha... =))
And Financial acc & reporting, damn damn bored okie! X tahan sangat, giler boring, so i took my friends photos... hehe
and me!
And tonight, tadi, we headed to alamanda putrajaya, beli barang dapur sikit... haha~ tira, zaris, tika & me! Actually to buy some food... Best3x naik kereta baru Tira, Suzuki Swift, color and plat number, find it out urself yerr... haha... Actually we were thinking to go tomorrow, but tomorrow we have no class and our friend's class finish early, we have other plan... hehehe ;)

Whatever it is, i feel sooo sooo sooo lucky today! Dah lar there's only one space left for Spanish class which have been full at first! hee~ =)

Till then, c ya! Gracias, Adios!

Sometimes, I'm in love with my life... Alhamdulillah...

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