Friday, January 22, 2010

Actually, ini kisah semalam & hari ini... hahaha =p Alkisah... (hehehe) 

Yesterday, thursday, after finish classes, suddenly feels like wanna menghirup udara segar... ceh! =p I pun ajak lar my roomates jogging... But at first they wanna go to d gym, but then it not open for girls yesterday, so, we decided to walk around MMU... Jalan punya jalan, almost whole mmu kitaorg pusing, then nampak pintu nak masuk Cyberia, we enter there... Cyberia ni cantik rupa2 nyer... oh... jauh juga lar pusing, baru jumpa jalan keluar semula... Then we bought waffles there, waffle+honey=  ... Then lepak lagi dekat near to the entrance of mmu tu... chatting2 till alomost maghrib baru balik... =) Best best best!(upin & ipin version yerpz) =p

sempat jer camwhore okie!

tika, tira, nadiah

fifa & iffah

And happy birthday iffah!!! That night we juz surprise her with present... ala kadar jerr =p


Today, friday... Class finish at 10 am... Masa class tu, like crazy, mengantuk bangat duh! sangat sangat sangat mengantuk!!! Tidur lewat lagi! Siapa suruh!!! Mamai semacam jerr... Orang2 tegur2 pun macam buat derk jer, sorry lar orang2... =( Balik terus tidur! Then tira go back home, and nadiah keluar with her aiman =p... So, quite boring lar kan kan kan! 

Then around 4.30pm, going to watch Adnan Sempit in Alamanda... Fine, kalau takder orang ajak memang not interested and i wouldn't watch this movie... So not my type lar... But this movie turns out to be, like, great movie! For me, bole menang anugerah okie...! hihi... Seriously... (luckily ader org ajak ea! =p)

About this movie, tak nak lar pula talk about synopsis kan...My opinion about this movie lar, plot kemas, tersusun... Kelakar???Oh, IT IS SOOO KELAKAR! damn damn damn funny... The whole panggung asyik gelak... From this movie, i juz tau, about dunia luar, like Mat Rempit's world... hahaha... Masuk lockup perkara biasa ea? hahaha... This movie is about two different world life... At the end of the day, i still think that, two different world shouldn't mix up? I know many people would not agree with me... But that's my opinion, for now... Maybe my definition of two different world is different from urs, kan? But seriously, i like this movie, though it not my type, but i will rate it 4 1/2 stars(up sikit dari semalam =p) 3 words to describe this movie, meaningful, entertaining & deep...
For people who have not watch, MUST WATCH!
Learn other worlds other than our own world...
Real life which we don't realize & not pay attention on...

~So, at night pule have dinner with tika & iffah dekat D'Arif, that's all...
baca menu mcm baca buku yerr tika...

chicken beryani

fried kuey tiaw

thai fried rice

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