Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hmm, maybe i'm gonna blog again tomorrow then i'm gonna be away from blog for few days... =D

So, tomorrow is my last paper, Managerial Communication, but coursework marks high kotz,hihi =P... Last 2 papers, seriously very very very difficult! Like, seriously! Quantitative Analysis and Principles of Finance... Past year papers is wayyy easier... =( It a past (i might be taking supp =P)... So as for tomorrow, wish me luck!!!

And actually, i'm less motivated, as in high school, i'm not studying, i dont know why, i just knew, understood what is the term "study" means... Seriously, why i'm soooo weird?! But in degree, i have to study hard! I will study hard next time around! Take that as a promise to myself!

And thanks to Tira, coz thought me about finance last night...! Thanks to one of my friend which gave me word, that i think motivating me, "As a student, study is our priority, so whether like it or not, we have to study..." Thanks! seriously! And thanks bangat ya tira! ;P

And as for next sem or next year(since semester 2 and 2009 bakal melabuhkan tirai), i wanna improve my listening skills, more focus in class (so that i can study less mcm time foundation dulu2, hihi~), and improve my quality of studying (quality is better than quantity) =) So, take my word as my azam tahun baru! and wish me luck for my wishes... May my dreams comes true...hihi =P And i always ready for the next challenges! ;)

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