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Kakatoo: The Menu & the Food

Assalamualaikum & hi! 

I am so happy to share with  you guys, my latest discovery on a very nice halal Nyonya Restaurant which  serves fusions of authentic Malaysian dishes, as well as selections of western delights! 

Furthermore, there are variety of food here for you to choose from the menu, and you'll have hard time choosing your food, 'cause all of the food were so delicious & tasty!

kakatoo halal certified

Nyonya Kuih

First of all, after  you are seated, you will be given a tray of Malaysian Traditional Kuihs/Cakes. You can choose or not choose from the tray. It's not compulsory! However, looking at the wide selections of delicious kuih-muih melayu & nyonya, you won't be hesitate to try some!

I tried their Kaswi Pandan during my visit!

The Appetisers & Snacks

As we open the menu booklet, the first thing we saw, is their dimsum!

Thus, we decided to give it a try! 
Besides, we ordered the Pandan Chicken as well, to compliment our other dishes 💛

Pandan Chicken, 

Kakatoo Dims

The Main Dishes

Aww, best part!!! 

So many interesting dishes on the menu, we had real hard time choosing. 
This time round, we tried some of their signature menu first, and some other dishes that catched our eyes 😆

We tried their

♡ Nasi Kerabu Baba Fried Chicken
♡ Nyonya Curry Meehoon Noodle
♡ Seafood Char Kuey Teow
♡ Beef Streaky Carbonara Fettuccine

Nasi Kerabu Baba Fried Chicken, RM23.90

Nyonya Curry Meehoon Noodle, 

One of my favourite meal!

Seafood Char Kuey Teow, RM18.90

Beef Streaky Carbonara Fettuccine, 

The Beverages & the Desserts

As for drinks and desserts, we had hard time again, to choose! 
All the drinks looks good!

We went back to basic tho.

My son ordered Iced Lemon Tea.
My husband ordered Teh 3 Layer.
And I ordered an Orange Juice.

As for the desserts, of course we choosed one of the best dessert in Kakatoo, Cendol Pulut with Premium Gula Melaka!!!

Iced Lemon Tea,

Teh 3 layer Kakatoo
3 Layer Tea, RM8.90

Orange Juice, RM8.50

Signature Pulut with Premium Gula Melaka,  RM10.90

The Ambience

I just love the ambience here! 
Cozy and colourful! 

Actually, it is a nice spot for pictures too! The walls are colourful with paintings and they are really catchy!

The seats are very comfortable too! And this place is suitable for group dining as well!

For more details, checkout your nearest Kakatoo outlets or visit their website & social media, as per below!!! 

Kakatoo Branches

Kakatoo Sungei Wang Plaza
Kakatoo Aeon Taman Maluri
Kakatoo Ativo Plaza
Kakatoo The Starling Mall
Kakatoo IOI City Mall
Kakatoo IOI Mall Puchong
Kakatoo Nu Sentral
Kakatoo Setia City Mall
Kakatoo Tamarind Sq
Kakatoo Berjaya Times Square

Official Website




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