Saturday, November 25, 2023

Pan Mee Goreng Perisa Ayam Penyet by Vits

Assalamualaikum & Hi everyone! 

Introducing... Latest product by Vits Malaysia! 


“Aromatic Melange”

The Fusion East Javanese and Chinese Flavors of Mesmerized by the unique taste profile, intriguing blend of the strikingly Pan Mee and Indonesia’s famous Ayam Penyet, crispy fried chicken cooked with aromatic spices. 

Concept: “Aromatic Melange” becomes a symbol of cultural harmony and culinary innovation redefines the boundaries of culinary artistry, demonstrating how to seemingly disparate cultures can unite to form something truly extraordinary. 

A Pan Mee Instant Noodle Ayam Penyet that bridges the cultural gap, captivating taste buds, and fostering a greater understanding among diverse communities.


Pan mee goreng ayam penyet appears to be a combination of two Malaysian dishes: "Pan Mee" and "Ayam Penyet."



Pan Mee Goreng Perisa Ayam Penyet Recipe


Ingredient : 


a) Pan Mee Goreng Ayam Penyet

c) Paste and seasoning Ayam Penyet 

d) Garnishing (Fried shallot)



Method :

1) Boil pan mee ayam penyet for 3 minutes until soft

2) Drain the boiled of instant pan mee

3) Add the seasoning paste of ayam penyet 

4) Add garnishing

5) You can also add on minced Chicken, Minced meat, poached edd and Pak Choy Vege

6) Mix well and ready to eat

Do try Vits latest Pan See Goreng Perisa Ayam Penyet & enjoy! 


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