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Things to do in Pangkor Island

Assalamualaikum & hi! 

Few months back, we went to Pangkor Island, for a vacation.
My last visit to Pangkor, was, approximately, 12 years ago😝

This time 'round , we choosed AVI Pangkor Beach Resorts for our stay...

A lot lotsss of changes here, definitely!
But however, there're still lots of things doesn't change, and one thing for sure, the beach of this island, is still untouched, the sands are beautiful as ever, and the water is as clear as crystalπŸ’œ

On the way to Lumut Jetty

It was a 3 days 2 nights stay in Pangkor Island

Pulau Pangkor Ferry Jetty Terminal

Price of one way ticket from Lumut jetty terminal
Adult: RM10
Children: RM5.50

There are around 9 trips one way, per day.
Starting from 7.15am, and last trip is at 7.15pm.

The ferry was equipped with air conditions and the seats are numbered, and the whole journey was very comfortable.
it only took around 30-40 nminutes to reach Pangkor Island, from Lumut Jetty Terminal.

Rifqi enjoying his boat ride. I, on the other hand, pening kepala and macam nak muntah, sebab I memang ada problem sikit bila naik kenderaan πŸ˜†

Look at the skies and the cloud, too beautiful,  indicate the weather of that day 🀍

Avi Pangkor Beach Resorts

We choosed Avi Pangkor Beach Resorts throughout our stay.

The reasons we choosed this hotel is because: 1. The fact that it is near to the beach, the beach is just across the road; 2. they have pools; 3. this is among the new hotel in Pangkor, so the room is very comfortable, and the beach view room was spectacular πŸ’™; 4. Free buffet breakfast for two people each room.

We spent most of our time at the beach, and then back to the room, and repeat...

Strolling at the beach

As I mentioned, we spent most of our time at the beach, Pantai Pasir Bogak, which, right in front of our hotel.

Cantik, MasyaAllah!

At first, we were wondering, apa yang "Pasir Bogak" nya? 
but looking at the white sands at the beach, and when u step on the sand, inside the water, u will feel the different, the sand actually, feels like carpet tau...
Macam karpet mahal gitu... haha...
Sand yang I maksudkan kat sini is, the sand inside the sea water... Lembut je di kaki... 🀍

Pantai Pasir Bogak

Jalan dengan Dek dia... My papa...

#OOTD pose

Swimming All Day Errr Day

As I mentioned earlier, the sands inside the water in Pantai Pasir Bogak is really beautiful and soft! 

We had so much fun swimming here! 
We didn't even care about the swimming pool anymore 🀣

Trust me, beach in Pangkor is really worth your time! 

Snorkelling & Island Hopping

Most of the boats owner will charge you around RM250-RM300 for snorkelling trip.
U can simply find many packages for island hoping along the beach, as well as at Teluk Nipah area.

But please note that, anything in Teluk Nipah (including dinner, food, or any package), is quite pricey as compared to the other places... I'll talk about dinner later πŸ˜›

Back to the island hoping, we found an uncle offering package of just RM250 for boat trip, the whole boat for just our family, and no time limit, so we gotta swim all we want...

Giam Island was our destination.

Before we reach the Giam Beach, we requested the uncle to stopped somewhere deeper so that we can snorkel there! 
And we found so many bigger fishes in the middle of the ocean as compared to the beach

Lepas dah puas hati snorkelling dekat tengah laut, we moved to the beach
The water there is so clear, jernih sangat, tooo beautiful!!! 
The boat owner also provide us with equipment for snorkelling...

Rifqi enjoy playing at the beach and swim all he wants! While my husband and I snorkelling some more and Allahu the view under the water was spectacular...The coral are alive and there're little fishes swim there! So cute!

Nightlife at Teluk Nipah 

There's a lot of restaurants and shoplifts along Teluk Nipah.
U can get souvenirs from this night market.

If u wanna have dinner here, make sure u ask the price first before deciding on which restaurant to go for...
Too many seafood restaurants here, and the prices are not cheap, sometimes ridiculous! So, beware & choose wisely!

Photo courtesy to google.

I bought some baby crab before getting our dinner

Chocolate Hunting

Pangkor Island officially started as a duty-free island on 1 January 2020. Duty-free items include chocolate, perfumes and batik clothing.

We bought lots of chocolates back home! πŸ˜†
Happiest day!!!

In conclusion, Pangkor Island is definitely a great family destination, and their beaches are so beautiful, untouched and quite affordable too! πŸ’•


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