Saturday, April 30, 2022

Safi Shayla : Hairfall Solution for Hijabista

Assalamualaikum & hi! 

We've come towards the end of Ramadhan & Syawal is approaching, soon! 
So, since nak Raya, we just want to be pretty & presentable, from head to toe, right!

So this time 'round I just wanna share, my personal experience: my hair problem and the solution! 

I strongly believe, women like me : Early 30's, a mom & a hijab wearer, will face hair problems such as hair fall problem, scalp itching and hair loss.

That's why I've been switching from one brand to another just to find the perfect solution to these problems!
And I finally fall for Safi Shayla Hijab Haircare Expert range!

Effective & refreshing tau!

Safi Shayla Hijab Haircare Experts

Safi Shayla can help hijabers to fix the hairfall problem! The whole range which consists of : Shampoo, Refreshing Scalp Mask, Hair Tonic, Hair Serum & Hair Mist, are perfect for my hair problems! 

73% stronger hair from roots

57% less hair fall from hair roots

4.6X more voluminous hair

I tried the whole range for the ultimate results! 😉


Used Hijab Scalp Biotics technology to cleanses & strengthen hair structure with fragrance up to 72 hours.

Refreshing Scalp Mask

Cares for scalp, reduces sebum, strengthen hair follicles & removes bad odour

Hair Tonic

Formulated with Hijab Scalp Biotics technology, Korean Red Ginseng & Niacinamide strengthens hair follicle from hair roots, reduce hair fall and 4.6X hair more voluminous

Hair Serum

Repairs and strengthens brittle hair by penetrating into the inner hair half structure

Hair Mist

Extra protection for hair, locksinand retains nutrients for stronger hair whilst eliminating bad odour for long lasting hijab freshness.

Benefits of Safi Shayla Hijab Haircare Expert Range

Wanna know why I loveeee these range so much? 

It gave instant cooling effect, soothes scalp, fast drying, non greasy, and most importantly, my favourite part, refreshing floral scent. 
I love the smell of my hair every time I used these products!

So I really hope ladies out there who encounter the same hair problem, like me, hope these info will help u to find the perfect solution, too! 

You guys MUST TRY these product from Safi Shayla Hijab Haircare Range, 'cause you will feel the difference! 💕

Again, I love the smells! And it makes your hair feel so fresh!!! 

For more info, check out Safi websites and social media down below! 💟




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