Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Kitsui Glow Sakura Royal Birdnest: Improve your Natural Aura with formulation from Korea

Assalamualaikum & hi readers! 

Today I'm gonna share with you more on my skincare routine. 

Maybe to some of u, skincare is just, taking care of your skin, from the outside, where, u need to apply the daily 3 steps, apply serum, wear beauty mask, and all. But to be honest, to me, that is not enough.

I always got this similar question, from many people: "How do u take care of your skin?", "Why your skin no problem one?", sort of questions. So as for me, to have beautiful, gradient and flawless skin, we also need to take care of our inner beauty. Take enough supplements, and eat right.


Kitsui Glow Sakura is formulated from Korea. Their main ingredients include: 

1. Sakura Extract from Japan

Research published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research Journal said that sakura extract help to brighten our skin and makes our skin more beautiful

2. Swallow's Nest

Bird Nest has always contribute in the beauty world and could benefit not just our health but also our skin. All the women out there, should consume bird nest for the benefit of their body and skin.

3. Korean Ginseng

Korean Ginseng helps to hydrate our skin and re-generate skin cells by ensuring oxygen circulation and blood flows to our skin. by having good blood circulation, it will help to brighten, hydrate and makes your skin more glowing.

4. Promogenate

Contains Vitamin C to help skin glows and healthy.

Antioxidants that can be found from promogenate helps reduce skin inflammations.

Benefits of Kitsui Glow Sakura

💟Brighten the skin

Helps to brighten the whole skin, especially armpit, arm folder, and neck

💟Soften the skin

Keep your face glow and beauty

💟Protect the skin

Help to protect skin from UV

💟Skin hydration

Help to hydrate skin especially the eyes area & sole, by hydration

Customer's Testimonial on Kitsui Glow Sakura

How to consume

Mix 1 satchet of Kitsui Glow Sakura into 150ml of water. Shake it and drink.

1 satchet only contain 57.45 calories.

Suitable for pregnant mommies and breast feeding mommies as well.

Kitsui products are safe to consume as it passed all the lab test, as shown below.

Where to get it

U can buy Kitsui Glow Sakura from Kitsui Website, Shopee Mall, Lazada Mall or at the nearest Watsons or Guardian!

I personally has been using this for a few weeks, and I just love the effects on my skin!


For more info, tune to Kitsui websites and social media!




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Kitsui Malaysia


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Kitsui Official Store


  1. This product must be awesome! Your face looks so beautiful and flawless. Glad that you found a product that suits you.

  2. Cutenya the product! Pink-pinkie. Benefit dia pun banyak. Raya nak dekat ni, bolehlah mencantikkan skin. Aww.

  3. Rawlins pun dah kena mula amalkan pengambilan minuman sampingan sebegini, almaklum dah makin berusia nie

  4. menarik pula produk KITSUI GLOW SAKURA ni, nampak kulit cantik dan flowless memang bagus.

  5. Kitsui memang wellknown brand. Iena pernah cuba dulu. Antara produk supplement yang menawarkan harga mampu milik berbanding supplement lain yang kebanyakannya mahal mahal

  6. antara jenama yg sy trusted.. sbb mmg akan nampak besa lps guna

  7. I like this Kitsui Glow Sakura Royal Birdnest packaging juga, nanti nak ushakan

  8. Ramai dah cuba ni, ingat nak try juga laa.. keberkesanan dia tu nampak bagus betul..