Thursday, November 21, 2019

Erni & Tina @ Maxim Residence

Assalamualaikum and hi.
Just visited Erni & Tina last weekend, this cafe is located at Maxim Residence, Cheras.
This place is easy to find (using waze of course), and it's easy to get a parking too... There's a row of parking spaces in front of the shoplot. Just be patient, and u'll get one, hehe...

Gosh, i love the looks of the cafe, so cozy... 
Will elaborate further when i write further... Please continue reading 

The Ambience

And of course, the first thing i would like to highlight about this cafe is, the ambience.
Loving the ambience a lil bit too much.

When u're inside the cafe, u can feel the coziness, some of the seats were decorated with cushions the furnitures are mostly white in color.
There're vase of flowers as centerpiece on each and every tables.
And there were also a bar section where u can just hang out and drink coffee with your friends.

The lighting is just nice. 
And the cake section is the highlight too, beautiful cakes in see thru cake canister and huge bouquet of flowers as decorations...

While the walls are made up of bricks, give the cafe the classic touch.


The Menu and the Prices

Browsing thru the menu, i realized that the choices were quite limited.
I just hope anything we ordered from the menu will be good.

There're selections of pastas, rice with dishes (only two choices, green curry or salted egg chicken), and some light snacks.

Prices ranging from RM18 - RM25.

There's also kids menu which is RM15, and it comes with a mini ice chocolate.
There're 3 choices for kids menu (Spaghetti Meatball, Chicken Carbonara as well as Mac & Cheese).

There're also selections of cakes. 
If you come for the cakes, u'll spoiled with choices.
But too bad we were so full for dessert. Maybe next time!

DONE reading the menu...

Rifqi's ice chocolate. 

The Carbonara is the kids portion one, with smaller plate... But the fact is, the portion is still big!

The Foods

The foods were good! We wipes our plates clean!
I love the pesto so so much! It is creamy, but very pesto. What am i saying?!

And my husband's salted egg were so creamy, so yummy! 
He asked for extra gravy and he got it, and he finished it all =.=

And my lil boy's cabonara were so good too! The cooking cream are so sufficient, tak kedekut!

I love the dried mushroom they placed on top of our pasta.

I'll come back here for their pesto!!! Definitelyyyy!

Pesto Pasta  RM25

Salted Egg Chicken with rice  RM22
Me and my favourite pesto pasta, ever!

Comotnya anak I makan...

The service

Oh... This is more of self-service cafe.
We had to order at the counter and pay, and they'll serve u the foods.

And if u want some plain water, u can get it yourself there's a jar where u can fill the water...

Overall, it normal. Most of the cafes also like this right?!

Anyhow, thank u so much to one of the girl there whom helped us took family photos!
(maybe she's erni or tina, i didnt asked...)

In conclusion, you should come and try their foods too, one of the nice Malay-owned cafe in town!!!


  1. By the looks of it I can tell that this is a nice and cosy cafe.
    The pesto looks so good too.
    Yeah self-service is very normal, cuma ada sesetengah dia akan letak one drinking jar at every table so customer tak perlu bangun.

  2. Yeah! Very cosy and instaworthy ;p
    The Pesto is good indeed! And the Salted Egg too!!!

  3. Cantik sangat cafe ni dear .. Makanan pon disusun atur cantik je kat pinggan ..

  4. Cantik nampak cafe ni. Best la kalau dapat pergi dan merasa makanan yang disediakan.

  5. Tengok nama Cafe ingat nak tulis pasal Maxim Coffe korea yang famous tu. hahaha...Rupa nya cafe. Suka tengok interior cafe ni menarik. Even food presentation pun class gitu. Boleh la singgah!

  6. Maha kalau tengok tempat macam ni mesti kena tengok makanan kat sini nampak sedap dan juga sihat hehehe bestnya tempat pun cantik dan menarik kalau date bawa kekasih sangat sesuai hehehe siapa nak date ngan Maha jom wakakakakak..

  7. cantiknya dekorasi kedai.. tu makanan nampak terliur je bila scroll gambar. Boleh la saya singgah makan nanti

  8. Nak buat private dinner with love cantik jgk sini. Ada privasi jgk kam. Dekorasi nice

  9. ingat kan ur bff.
    rupanya the place - erni & tina :) hi hi...
    nice. nampak sgt selesa sgt.
    dating best ni ha ha ha ha :)
    plating, food... semuanya just nice.

  10. Canteknya tempat ni..nampak selesa sgt..and the food pun nampak sedap dan berkhasiat hiks

  11. Lawanya restaurant ni..banyak tempat boleh ootd. Food pon nampak menarik. Kena terjah ni..

  12. Port tangga tu cantik lah I suka pula tengok restoran ni harap makanan yang disediakan sedap sedap belaka sis... kena terjah juga ni

  13. Syantiknyaaa.. dekorasi kedai ni nampak tersusun je. Makanan dia pun lahaii lapar kita menengoknya.

  14. kalau makan kat dalam cafe yang bersuasan selesa macam ni memang best.. nak pulak menu pun sedap di tekak.. haaa memang datang lagi kalu dah pi sekali

  15. Terliur tengok semua menu. Pasta tu nampk potion kecik tapi suailah dengak budak2 kenyangkan. Cafe pon cantik je. Rasa aman je nak makan

  16. Thanks for the review and the article. Bolehlah nnti cuba jugak dkt sini :)

  17. The ambiance of the cafe looks so nice, I always love white background, seems like a really nice place.

  18. cantik sgt tempat ni, food pun mesti sedap2 tu. nanti bolehlah nak cuba disini