Monday, November 26, 2018

Langkawi : Day 5(Haji Ismail Group, Idaman Suri, Rams)

04/11/2018 (Sun)

Bayview Hotel, Langkawi

Maybe i havent mentioned anywhere, for our last night in Langkawi, we stayed nearer to town.
Bayview was our choice.
Nice breakfast, nice room and nice pool (eventho it was hot)... Everything's good!

He sure knows how to enjoy hotel.

Chocolates Hunting & Tea Sets Hunting

Since we're in Langkawi, chocolates hunting is a must!
Chocolates everywhere so we will definitely be tempted to buy, a lot, even we dont need it, we just buy...

Went to Haji Ismail Group first...

And next we headed to Idaman Suri to find our kitchen needs.

And lastly, Rams, and we bought somemore chocolates and cutleries there!

Since our flight is at night 10pm, my dad decided to book a cheap room to rest, shower and changed.
We booked a room at Grand Continental, last minute.
And the room, we made the right choice for not staying there throughout the trip :pp

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