Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Phuket : Day 3 (Island Hoping)

25/08/2018 (Saturday) 
Island Hoping

Only surrounded by the oceans today.
For our package, we were in a shared speedboat to James Bond Island, Hong Island and Phang Nga Bay.  


Still in the boat. Alhamdulillah for the sunny weather

James Bond Island

Stopped by here for the sake of visiting and taking pictures.
This island is called James Bond Island due to the island being featured in the blockbusters James Bonds' movie in the year 1974.

There you go, my lil James Bond.

The James Bond and his papa
The James Bond family. Tiber.


Lunch time

I cant really remember the island name, sorry.
But we had our halal lunch here.
This island is occupied by Muslims and there is a muslim restaurant here. 

100 baht for that picture =.=

Hong Island

Our next destination (after lunch) is the Hong Island.
The view here was fascinating and we gotta rest and enjoy the sea breeze in a canoe.
We dont have to handle the kayak by ourself because they were man in charged.

Rifqi was asleep during our visit to this island.
And he continue sleeping on my lap even in the canoe.
Lenguh tangan mama tau!

My lil boy on my lap, my love to you is deeper and so much wider than the ocean.

Siap2 kayak, one romantic picture!

Phang Ngha Bay

And last but not least, we headed to Phang Ngha bay for swimming.
No pictures of us swimming.
Dont worry non of us wearing bikini... Only Rifqi in his cute swimming suit. :p
On our back...

And we called it a day!
And we headed back to KL the next morning...
To short of a trip. Will come back here in Phuket for more!

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