Saturday, July 25, 2015

#Honeymoon : Bali, Indonesia - Part 5 (Alam Puisi Villa)

Day 5 (05/06/2015)

Alam Puisi Villa 

Oh dear, such a beautiful place...
Story of my life~ 

This villa and our room are facing paddy field.
Such a beautiful scenery.

Eventhough the journey back to Ubud was tiring, the view was great!
And the service at the villa were awesome! The people here really know how to deal with customers! 

Reached here late at night, mampu tidur je...
Early in the morning, breakfast was served to our room, had morning swim and getting ready to go back to KL. 

Alongside the package my husband booked, the staff told us that we are getting  free foot massage but too bad our staying period was short and the morning sessions were fully booked. (The staff told us that night we arrived).

However the next morning, we received a call saying that 9am session is available and we can have our foot massage, yeayyy! 
See! Told ya the service here are the best! 

yeayyy another pair of swans!

Our flight was at 12 ++ pm and so, after the foot massage, we shoot to the airport... 
 I end the honeymoon entries here! 
(gonna miss all of this!)

With our supir, Teguh...

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