Friday, February 20, 2015

The Snacks

Yes, this thang, this thang at my office, has made my healthy eating plan kinda ruin! 

I am kinda try to control my foods intake now (wedding is coming up!)... Since i'm not working out kind of person, and i also loves foods, the easiest thing i do is, cut on snacks intake... 
i drank green tea at the office, or milo from the nescafe machine (milo is fine, that's breakfast!), healthy right?! LOL

Last few weeks, the client from Indonesia sent in this thing to my leader in two flavours, cheese & chocolate (both are equally fattening!) So for the past few weeks i've been eating 3-4 per day when it first came (the cheese one was really delicious!). Realizing this thing must stop, i've brought a jar of wheat biscuit so that whenever i need to snacks i'll just reach my hand to the wheat biscuit jar (at least it is a healthier option right?)

But actually it  not that biscuit who saved me, it just, after few days, this roti siak doesn't that attractive to me anymore...


Aqilah Azmi said...

soo nyummy t_t

Sha said...

wedding is coming up??...wauuu congratssss...salam kenal..

Hidayah Suhailee said...

waaaa... may Allah easy everything for your wedding.. ;)

A Girl Like You said...

Aqilah : YEah too yumms that's why... =.=

Sha : Yerpz, thanks! And nice to meet u too!

Hidayah : Yeah...insyaallah! thanks u sangat for the wish i really appreciate that dear! :D