Thursday, November 20, 2014

Teatime ♥

Know what, i have a lot a lot of food entries to be post! I dont know whether all these are still relevant or it

Located at Delicious, One Utama, while  waiting for our Dracula Untold to start, we decided to go find some coffee first since we have one more hour to go...

Were on our way to Coffee Bean but all of sudden we saw, hehehe *evil laugh*, a poster in front of Delicious saying that we'll get free desserts for any purchase of coffee/tea! 

Yeah, of course we got excited seeing free stuffs! =.=

Anyhow, we can't just choose ANY cakes, but there were few selections for us to choose from.

He choosed Eclair & I was trying to be healthy and choosed Apple Slice
sekali, tak sedap! 

Long Black (RM 10.90) & Honey Lemon (RM 7.90)

What a nice tea room... 

The decor of this Delicious in One Utama is sweet & ikea-like :p
Love it!

And ermmm, where did u get that lamp from, Delicious? 

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