Friday, January 30, 2015

Upstairs Cafe

Salam. hey!

Last few weeks, on a weekend, as usual, we went for a date and later in the evening, we were in Subang Jaya so he decided to take me to Upsairs Cafe for coffees...

Been hearing a lot about this cafe (and saw a lot of people went here in instagram), so it good to finally be here!

Coffee sesh, always always my favourite! Our favourite! 

Yeah it belang-belang kinda day, bolehhhh~ Tak plan pung~ :p

Decided to tried out a sweet and a savory dish here! 

Black Coffee
RM 7

Earl Grey Tea
RM 7

Mushroom Pie 

And this is Whoopie Pie

And sorry, i really really can't recalled the prices of the foods, 'cause it has been quite some times...!

What i can say is, both the pies are really nice! ;) I saw a lots of other customers ordered pastas, and i thinks they're looking good!!! 

That's all for now and happy weekend! I'm hoping this weekend wont be as bored as last weekend since last weekend we spent 2 whole days listened to kursus

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