Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Anugerah Skrin Red Carpet 2014 : Top 6 favourites

While searching for inspirationsss for my upcoming wedding dress, red carpets are good alternative to look up to! So... well...

My anugerah skrin 2014 top 6 favourites are: 

6. El Faeza

Sooo Ellie Saab inspired. Love the color and the fabric so much, but the cutting, it is a bit too flare in my eye! it looks clumsy down there...

5. Amyra Rosli

Love the cutting so much! Fits her body so well! But, hate the color and stripes... Gosh, it looks like curtain to me... But the cutting is really nice!

4. Ummi Nazeera

Pink & black. Classic choice... Love her dress so much! love the color combinations and hmm, the dress lookin' good on her!

 3. Faezah Elai

Very simple mermaid cut dress. I like it, it classic and simple! I would love to add on some belt if i'm wearing that!

2. Fathiya Latiff

The most gorgeous and beautiful Ariana Rose ( i didnt watched that, anyway...)
Yeah mermaid cut full laces dress really nice on her body!
But not on my body i think!
Love the color as well!!! She's so pretty!

1. Vanidah Imran

I don't know why, i love this dress! My wedding dress CAN look like this!
Flare dress with detailing on the sleeves and waist... :) simple and so elegant! 

Especially in pink! 


Hanis Nizam said...

suka yang fathiya dengan vanidah imran pakai

A Girl Like You said...

Kan! Both so nice kan! Esp Vanidah imran punya!

Org selalu terlepas pandang artis2 yg dah kahwin mcm vanidah imran n more focus on artis mcm nora danish :pp