Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pretty Little Liars : Spencer Hasting's Style

Well it almost finale! Like really man! Who is 'A'? Who killed Ali?! When are u going to tell us?! Urghhh! 
Lost my patient already! Lol...
I kinda think A is Aria, well, u never know right! I know how everyones love their friendship, but it will be more interesting if A is one of them!
But it also might be Ezra, or Melissa, or... i dont know actually~ Well i read a lot of theories on the internet~
I'm thrilled!!!


Enough about that and lets go to the next liar style, Spencer & she is my favourite!!! 
Her style is preppy, vintage & classic!
She dont mind to rock jeans or dresses; loafers or beautiful gowns!
And her colors are usually neutral colors like blue, black, white etc.


Spencer is very preppy... And sometimes she gave her style some modern touch by choosing a lot of patters/prints! Butterflies, leaves, animals etc. make her outfit looks chic and not boring... now who thought preppy is boring? So try on pieces with prints to look funky, young yet sophosticated! Learn from Spence!

Just like her other friends, she owned lots of blazers too! It just, besides blazers, she varies her outerwear! She wears cardis, boyfriend's blazers (which she owned most!) ,sophisticated blazers, etc. She can go casual as well as elegant in those! 

Try out Spencer's look if u want to be professional & chic too! Blazer is the key! Belt will sometimes help! The most importantly, choice of colors! And don't forget to wear confident that she has!

Yes! Go sailor girl! Go stripes... One of her favourite patters besides animal prints, are stripes! Horizontal, vertical etc...She's really rockin' the sailor girl style! If u are thinking to go for sailor style, choose stripes! Dont be afraid to play with colors too! Don't be afraid of bright colors like pink or yellow!

I loveee it when she goes feminine! Lovin' her blouses! She owned a lot of white blouses! So, lets start a collection of white feminin tops! It can never go wrong... Jeans, skirts, white tops goes well with anything any colors!

Yes as we all know, Spencer is a sports girl! She play tennis and hockey during her leisure times! But, she never forget to dress up for that too! u can do it too!

Belt, belt, belt! It will save your day! She always wear a belt to match with her tops, and dresses! They say surrounding your waist with a belt make you look taller, but one thing i do realize, it makes your outfit more colors, more volume & most importantly, stylish! So, dont be afraid to add on this meaningful accessories!

Other than her feminine side, this is her boyish side! Boyfriend's blazers, loafers, jackets, or even a neck tie, she rock it all!

The key of Spencer's make up is her flawless skin! I think if you want to have her looks, first, start with a daily skin routine, clean, exfoliate & moisterize! The other key of her make up is, matte! She always wear a very neutral face! And matte! It makes her make up look soft & sweet! 


Simona Huidiu said...

love how you put them into categories! love this post <3

Ayesha Ahmad said...

Love this! I love Pll. I have been watching since the very beginning one might think im too old for this but I can never be!

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Jess said...

Spencer has a great preppy style! Amazing post! =)
Thanks for visiting my blog!


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Incredible style and blog! :)

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A Girl Like You said...

Thanks girls! Glad that u love this! Spencer's styles is always my favourite!