Monday, February 17, 2014

Wood and Steel Cafe @ The Strand, Kota Damansara

This was during my kinda birthday date... lah konon...
Okay,after watched a movie, it almost 3 in the evening and we were not even had lunch yet! 
Lapar... And we were around Damansara... So decided to try this cafe we always heard about...! For lunch!

Wood and Steel! 
The shop is not in The Strand, but it not far from there...

The environment is quite nice... Simple and hipster-like
I pun dah hipster sekarang...
Or... tak layak lagi kot nak hipster :p

Also, the place was quite 70's, or retro...!
And somehow i was like in a carpenter place! With all those wood tables!

Oh the plain water is complimentary!

Carbonara Spaghetti
RM 17

Stuffed Chicken
RM 20

This cafe was a self service cafe, and the prices are nett!

And i would say that the food was just okay... not wow and neither ineatable...
However the stuffed chicken was quite delish! It was filled with spinach and stuffs, and the grilled vege was quite nice!

One thing, the person in charge at the counter should be more customer friendly... 
Kinda unsatisfied that day, but ok... at least, i've tried this place! once! ;)


Ain Ibrahim said...

nice place..

A Girl Like You said...

yerpz! :) it was a nice place to chill! :) But dont expect too much about the foods ;)