Thursday, October 3, 2013

Quick update!

This is a really quick update! 
I'm in pappa rich having dinner with my family currently!
Saje nak blogging, coz it has been a while i didnt update my blog!
Actually i was busy with my progress test in my college! It exam actually...
And once i finish my paper, all i can think about is, to chill!

Date, malls, shopping, spame time etc! 

It like, all the sun shining so bright again! Hee~ but it not that bad after all, sometimes i studied in some coffee shops, or fancy juice shop (my new interest)... However, studying is still very stressful!

In few weeks more i'm gonna have my test again! 
Till then! Gonna update again so very soon! Maybe a simple recipe i cooked for my mom, or anything elses la~
Okies! see ya...

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