Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wondermama, Bangsar Village

Went there last week! as usual we're out on a date, and i actually looking for something in Bangsar, that's why we were in bangsar! 
However i didnt buy that thing that i wanted, YET! But we gotta try this restaurant which we've heard about, so many times!

Wonder, ke? Ok la... when we reached the restaurant that time, we've already starving, so tak sempat nak belek menu lama2, both of us wanted the same thing, degil betul dua2 tak nak tukar...! Takpe! ;p

We both ordered this nasi lemak 2.0 
With telur rebus, sambal petai (awesome!), japanese style fried chicken, papadom, ikan bilis & kacang! 
Actually i'm quite satisfied! Sebab ada petai maybe! :p

Nasi lemak 2.0S

that something something like maggi! 

And when i jeling2 meja2 sebelah, macam wowww! Macam2 ada! :p
from what i saw in the menu, ada fried rice, various spaghettis, nasi lemak 2.0s (with crab somemore!) etc...
And from what i saw in others table, ada something like maggi, n i want their burger now! ;( 

I put our picture to proof we were actually there! haha!

The place is quite crowded, maybe because we went there during lunch hour! 
the table is somewhat warung style, and there's also private tables! :) Fun place to chill lah! :)
Anyway, go try the foods and the environment here! and have fun!

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