Monday, September 23, 2013

Flavoured Beauty Haul ♥

Hi! Nothing much! It just i would like to share, my favourite skin care this month! I'm kinda addicted to these two shops lately! 

Well, skinfood is always my favourite, but, Body shop is my latest obsession :p... However, both sounds yummy to me! 
It not that i obsessed with organic thingy, i dont even mind if my skincare/cosmetic products contain chemical... It just that, i'm loving their smells!

As for skinfood, they varies their products with variety of foods like banana yogurt, apple, milk, and even black sugar (latest one i think!); while Body Shop is well known for their natural ingredients for their skincare and also, 100% vegetarian!!! 

So, i hope it ok to share all this over here in my blog! hee~

1. Rice Mask Wash Off skin food from Skin Food 
RM 48 (if i'm not mistaken)

The salesperson said that my skin is kinda dull, and need some GLOW... So she introduced this to me... So i'm hoping my skin will sparkle next time! ;p
I really really in love with the smells yeah! 

2.  Born Lippy Stick Lip Balm Caramel from The Body Shop 
RM 19.90

Well, i have dry lips problem. Previously i'm using lipbalm without any flavours, it good so that u won't lick ur lips rite... But i'm too lazy to apply it coz it so plain and i've been using it for quite a long time already... Soooo.... I need something that interest me! :p Anyway, caramel is my favourite flavour!!! There's a lot more flavours i've been eyeing from body shop!

3. Milk Smooth Hand Cream from Skin Food
RM 24

Once again, i'm opting for a skin food product! I love it, but it lack of smells la! i prefer it to have more refreshing smells! However, it keeps my hand soft & moist! ;)
Nevermind next time i want to buy their hand balm with various of flavours as well!

4. Camomile Gentle Eye Make up Removal
RM 45

Don't be jelous if i tell u this, i actually get this for free when i purchase Female Magazine in KLCC for only RM 7! :) Thanks FEMALE!
Since my make up remover is almost finish, and this is such a great deal! I didnt let go good things! :p
Lucky i'm a magazine lover too! ;)

Anyway right now, i've been eyeing on Honey Mania products from The Body Shop! Just waiting for the perfect time to grab those!!! :D

 Till then!


shu said...

sy pun bru nk try Skinfood..xpenat try mcm2 tp jerawat still naik..

A Girl Like You said...

Im not sure lah! But i think skinfood/bodyshop wont harm sbb xde chemical kot!

Anyway,slmt mencuba! ;)