Monday, November 21, 2011

Good morning, Monday!

Hey ya! Goodmorning Monday, no Monday blues ok!!!

I have not blogging for a while already doesn't it... And this week, my life is gonna be loaded with stuffs, important stuffs i guess! hehehe... :p Nope, i mean, ya know studying stuffs, internship stuffs... Gonna have few interviews to attend, job interviews! Ohhhh maynnnnn!

And due date for our assignments... Now it 9.02 am in the morning... And hey my groupmates! Didnt u receive my text? And my message in fb? Ni yg nak marah ni... Oh xnak response ea... Siap korang nnti! Kalau berleter memang boleh bawak bergaduh... :p Arghhhh tension mak nokkk, ingat korang je ade interview?! Hehehe, jgn mara k, kawan2... Gurau2 pe salahnye kennn! haaa!

And anyway, i dreamt about, escalator & lift last night! Pelik kan pelik kan! ;)

And today i'm gonna have my first interview... i;m searching for the firms around here, yang dekat2, yang boleh menjimatkan cost, sebab jimat duit tol & minyak, bole la beli banyak sket baju nak pegi keje nanti! ;) Pandai x i uollls! ;)

Eh, tapi baik x i, i still decided to go to class okay, lama x jumpe Mr.Hariramlu! hihi!
So, last but not least, wish me luck okay guys, and girls! ;)

p/s : sempat iollls blogging! =p Anyway, about picture up there, sorry, it just represents morning! ;) Happy breakfast! :)

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