Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentine's Day

Great movie!!!
Flooded with many great actors & actresses... Their acting not dissapointing at all! And have any of Gary Marshall movie dissapointing?
For me, no, Gary Marshall movies never dissapointed me, Princess Diaries 1 & 2, Pretty Woman... And i always waited for Julia Robert's movie coz it never dissapoint me, too...

Okie, we(Tira,me,Mirrah & Nadiah) went to Alamanda, actually i wanna find a present for my mama, too... ... So, got the present! It a purse, from Bonia, nice one!
And actually i watched Valentine's Day, alone!
They don't want to watch with me because the seats is too near to the screen... Yeah, maybe they have no idea how great this movie could be! So, they watch other movie, True Legend i think and i gotta watch my favourite chick flick movie =D


Valentine's Day

My favourite actresses in the movie so should i not watch that? Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway & Taylor Swift!
First appearance for Taylor Swift, and it not dissapointing, she's cute...!

My favourite characters/couples in this movie are :

Kate(Julia Roberts)
a  US Army captain and she came back just for a few hours after a very long flight, just to meet her son;

 Kara(Jessica Biel)
A football player publicist and she hates Valentine's Day but in the end of the Valentine's Day she hooked up with Kelvin (Jamie Fox),

Edgar & Estelle(Hector Elizondo & Shirley Maclaine) as old married couple, this is the sweetest one, how can u forgive your partner for doing something which is unforgiveable, maybe the answer is, love, and times; and

Felicia &Willy (Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner), eventhough they're young couple but they didnt rush and they're just happy young couple!

Actually i love all of them but how can i list all that out!

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