Saturday, February 13, 2010

Okie, today is saturday right! My parents came over here... Yesterday, last night and this morning, i'm all alone(perlu ker cakap =p) But last night iffah sleep in my room, ader lar gang =p...Feeling quite lonely since d whole floor is so quiet... My activity, facebook, watching Full House(blame me, my first time watching it, gonna update bout it), tidy up my room & packing things...

Friday, we're having our AIS quiz, haha, macam best pula buat quiz tu... And learning AIS & Autocount is best juga lar =D... my roomate, nadiah went back home early in the morning on friday while Tira went back home after our class coz she gonna fly vacationing on Saturday(which is today), have fun girl! So that's why i'm all alone...

And now right now i'm in Pan Pacific KLIA coz i'm gonna vacationing too...=D Gonna leave tomorrow morning! =)

So, to all my friends


I'm so sorry cannot meet up with u guys this Chinese New Year... 我很想念你们。。。希望我们以后会见面。。。Looks like there's ni CNY tour house to house this year... I miss my friends... =((
德谨,凯茹,Kiwi, Daniel, 顺辉,家义,俊杰,雪莉,佳永,志成 etc (不要生气if there are names missing=p )... I miss all of them damn much!!! but, what to do... I miss those times we spent together =(
Hope we'll meet up someday... And hope this friendship will never end...

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