Monday, November 30, 2009

Okie, actually i supposed to be back yesterday but x nak! haha~ since papa up to somethin' today so my family stay dekat, as usual, Palm Garden... So, pagi2 tadi, i went back to campus, drive sendiri... Kelakar jer papa kan, mcm nak x nak jer bagi drive but kena juga... hahaha~ =P So, i juz would like to share about this fod i ate, coz i love it! Makanan orang lain okie juga kotz, but i love mine! =))

Palm Garden Marinara spaghetti...(seriously, try it!)

So, today since miss out 9am class, i went to 5pm man.communication class...

*Extended : Pening nyer kepala bout Intro To CyberP punyer business!!! Hampeh giler!

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