Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Nature Sense : Aqua HA Silk Mask & the Travel Kit

Assalamualaikum & hi!!! :)

Gonna share about this range of skincare, it's a new brand, it's all organic & it is my new first love! ;p

As a first timer to this brand, i decided to try out their Travel Kit and Masks first, after that baru lah boleh judge...
Furthermore, I've out of small sized skincare for travelling, so, i decided to get this Nature Sense Travel Kit.

Well, for travelling purpose, of course, we will opt for simple & convenient kind of stuffs.
Same goes to this Travel Kit from Nature Sense. I love it so much because it is simply 3 steps : Cleanse, tone & moisturize

Plusss, it comes with a very cute little pouch, so easy to keep, and easy to pack into your luggage too!

Nature Sense Travel Kit

Consist of : 

♥Recovery Cleansing Milk 30ml

♥Botanical Hydrating Toner 30ml

♥Ultra Hydro Emulsion 15ml

Recovery Cleansing Milk

The Recovery Cleansing Milk gently cleanse your skin and leave your skin soft and hydrated.
Suitable to be used daily and suitable for every skin type!
It also help removes water proof makeups and impurities on the outer layer skin.

Botanical Hydrating Toner

The Botanical Hydrating Toner helps to cool inflammations as well as strengthen the capillary walls of spider veins.
It also help moisturizing, firming, smoothing, and repairing your skin...
It can also reduce mild inflammation and skin irritation 

Ultra Hydro Emulsion

This is the one i love most!
This moisturizer is cream base, and so easily absorbed into our skin!
It helps moisturize your skin and very soothing...
It can helps too improves skin elasticity as well!!!

Aqua HA Silk Mask

Finally, my favourite mask of all! 
Aqua HA Silk Mask, is different from any other mask.
First, because it is organic, and after applying it for 20-30 minutes before going to bed, my skin still feel the moisture even when i wake up in the morning! 

That's what i love most about it! 
Furthermore, it is so easy to apply, and my skin texture has improved a lot after using this mask! 
It feelss more elastic and so soft and flawless...
U should try yourself ya know!

So, to get the Nature Sense products, just simply go to their websites, and purchase!
And don't forget to use my discount code : princesa3290 , and u'll get RM10 off on your total purchase (min. RM100 spending)!!!

My discount code : princesa3290

Honestly, i really love this skincare! Get yours now!


Nhazla Fikri said...

Alahai. Kiut kiut je packaging semua ni. Beg pun ada disediakan. Sesuai sangat untuk bawa travel.

Sis Lin said...

Cute sangat pakaging travel dia, senang gini nak bawa kemana pun..Jenis Sis kalau travel, tak kisah le brand apa, janji bendanya kecik senang nak sumbat hahaha

Decamellia said...

Baguslah ade travel kit punya. Nak travel senang. Nak bawak pergi kerja pun senang. Tengok fifa review mask dia mcm best mcm nak try juga laa

Zaza Azman said...

bagus2 nya skincare dia ni .. cleansing milk , hydration toner.. mmg terbaik utk bawak travel... nnt review mask... nak tau gak bestke tak sbb kita mmg gila pakai mask..hihi

Dikbee said...

KAlau nak travel, part nak packing skincare ni la yang leceh sebab kena transfer dalam botol kecik-kecik. Tapi kalau dah ada set travel kit macam ni lagi senang. hangkut je terus kan

Cik Min said...

Dari hari tu rasa tergoda dengan dia punya packaging. Memang senang la nak travel ke outstation ke bawak ni je kan

Ruby said...

Halah halah comelnya laaaaaaaaaaaa bungkusan dia sekali botol saiz travel camni. Senang mak nak jaga skincare dimana-mana aje. Hehehe

Zharif Azis said...

Wahhh nampak bagus lah produk nie. Siap ada travel packet lagi. Senang nak bawa mana2


tak pernah dgr pulak brand ni. btw nice packaging, mudah la nak bawa travel

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

Bagus produk ni..siap ada pek khas utk travel..sangat menarik hehe

Veronica C said...

This is one very simply and easy travel pack beauty kit!
Hopefully I can try them one day too!

adianiez AIDA said...

comel. nampak sgt simple!
ni baru la travel pack. senang bwk :)

Rawlins GLAM said...

I love those travel pouches and the products inside it. Easy to pack and bring everywhere - and its pretty too!

Sunshine Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing this review, its my first time get to know about Nature Sense.