Friday, July 20, 2018

Short Getaway : KL, Berjaya Hill & Genting Highland

06/05/2018 (Sat)
Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

We decided to take Rifqi for a short getaway, in KL, just for relaxing purpose, and coindcidently, we got free hotel in Genting Highland from a contest, so we went to Genting Highland as well! Weekend well spent! 

Husband booked Concorde Hotel KL as it was among the cheapest during that time...
And the staff was so nice, we got upgraded from a deluxe to a suite room! 

Rifqi favourite part was definitely the swimming part.
Concorde is equipped with one adult pool and one children's pool. 
Just nice for a family time.
I had to go under the water too to accompany Rifqi and his papa =.=

This is why we decided to stay in a hotel with pool in KL first before heading to Genting.
So that Rifqi gotta swim on the Saturday evening and  the Sunday day morning after breakfast.

He was the happiest kid ever!

Tak menyabar nak swimming.
Padahal bukan guna pun itik tu masa kat pool!

07/05/2018 (Sun)
Berjaya Hill

After we checked out from Concorde, we headed to Berjaya Hill/Bukit Tinggi first.
It had been ages since my last visit.
This is Rifqi's first time, and Izzat's 1st time too!

Japanese Village

Since Rifqi was asleep in the car, we decided to go to the Japanese Village first, so that he can just sleep in the stroller. 

I forgot how bumpy and how difficult the road to the Japanese Village was! 
Lucky that Rifqi was wide awake right after we parked our car! 

In the Japanese Village, we rented the Kimonos, the Japanese traditional attire, and take pictures around the garden.

The rental price is RM20 each! 

Rifqi was still moody for the entire photography sesh :p

Me, and Rifqi in our Kimono's. Arigatok!

Lagi sorang Jepun sesat ni...

Family photo time!

One more photo.

Sampai lah anak tu mengamuk :p

Comelnyeee anak kita pakai kimono!

Comel macam mak dia...

Colmar Tropicale

Next, we were so hungry already and i knew the best place to have lunch around here (at least the best in Berjaya Hill).

We headed to the Colmar Tropicale and straight away enter the pizza place i always dined with my parents whenever we're here.

My hubs took Rifqi for a walk, 'cause he easily get bored, leaving me alone to order any foods from the menu.
And i ordered one Hawaiian Chicken Pizza alongside with Carbonara Spaghetti and Mushroom Soup for Rifqi.
And then we had a walk around  the Colmar Tropicale and take pictures whenever we think is beautiful. And it is a must to take Rifqi to meet the swan in the pond there! :)

Hawaiian Chicken Pizza at La Flamme, Berjaya Hill. RM36

Fettuccine Carbonara, RM32

Things that will keep him occupied, animals!

Rabbit Farm, Bukit Tinggi

The last pitstop before we headed to Genting Highland was the Rabbit Farm.
It was slightly raining during that time, so we only managed to play with the rabbit at the indoor area.

We did bought some rabbit foods before we enter, but too bad the rabbit doesnt want to be fed.
Maybe they are too full already! 
 And Rifqi, we expect him to be very happy chasing the rabbit, but he didnt.
I have no idea why.
He was so happy when we visited the kangaroo in Shanghai few months back.

Standing still in front of the rabbit, nak buat ape tah...


With that, goodbye Bukit Tinggi or Berjaya Hill, till we meet again!

First World Hotel, Genting Highland

It has been a while, since my last time in Genting Highland.
My last time, was like, when i was in primary school. Can u imagine, how much my parents dont like Genting?!!! Taknak bawak kitaorang!

So as we reached there, husband straight away checked in.
We got free room at the First World Hotel Genting.

From our room, we can see the view of the work in progress of the new themepark.
Like, nothing seems settled, yet!
Anddd, we can see the cable car go up and down.
Quite a nice view from our room actually, lucky us! 'Cause i heard some of the room in First World Hotel doesnt have windows at all!

First World Plaza

At night, we went out to the First World Plaza to looks for foods.
We just walking, since everything is within the same building.

On our way to dinner, we saw this one place promoting dinasours, and there are dinasour rides too! And well, of course Rifqi wanted to try... and Rifqi enjoyed the Dinasour rides so much! 

We walked to the 4th floor, where most of the fast foods are available...
We finally had our dinner in Texas Chicken.
Please take note that, everything is a bit pricey in Genting.
Macam overseas, sabar je lah...

The next morning, we had our breakfast at Pappa Rich, First World Plaza.
And then we headed to the Jurassic Research Centre. 
Well, my husband wanted to take Rifqi to see dinasours so much.
That's in his itenarary actually! So excited!
But end up, anak kitaorang penakut rupanye...
Kena dukung him all the way... =.=

Breakfast at Pappa Rich

Dinasours Research Centre

See, the budak penakut!

Cable Car & the Genting Highland Premium Outlet!

Yeayyyy! Finallayyy!!! Shopping time!!! 
(Husband baru dapat bonus) :p

We went to the GHPO by the cable car. 
I thought that i'm gonna be scared of the height, but as the cable car moves, it just so smooth.

The brands we got in GHPO are just, okay.
Memuaskan, but for kids, they're not so much to shop for!
(Don't Mothercare have outlets? HAHA!) 

We headed for handbags brands such as Kate Spade, Coach, MK and peep thru the price.
Super cheap!!!

And for women, a lot of innerwear brands with huge discounts!!!
They have Xixili, Triumphs, Wacoal, Victoria Secret!
So dont give excuses not to shop!!! 

And we spent most of our money in Sacoor Brothers, my husband's favourite brand!
He bought few shirts and pants, and i bought a loafer!
Been wanting the loafer since a while!!! Love u, sayang! heeee~

And we had our lunch at DubuYo!
Kat KL Dubuyo kat Genting pun Dubuyo! Erm...~

And after pokai, we head back to the First World Plaza to take our car and go home!

In DubuYo!
Till then, GHPO! Till we meet again! It's gonna be very soon and very frequently! :p

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