Sunday, July 15, 2018

Gula Petite, IOI City Mall

I have been wanting to write about this place since a while.
IOI City Mall is one of the most that my family and I frequently go to, for shopping, dining, window shopping and all.
And one of my favourite cake place, is located here! 

Location of the cafe
There were one night where the shops were almost close, i saw this cake shop (Gula Petite), right after having dinner at Marrybrown. This small bakery is located right infront of the Marrybrown and the Ice Skating Ring.

Price range

So, i was browsing thru their cake counter, and saw my favourite Pandan Gula Melaka cake.
It was priced at RM 15.90 which is quite pricey.
So we try to talk to one of the staff there, and in the end, they gave us half price for the cake! 
I brought it home, and the cake was so good! So so good!

And i repeatedly buy the cake after, at it's original price.
It is so worth it!!! 

They also sells many many kind of cakes & tartlets. And the price ranging from RM8 (for small cupcaes) to RM18. 

But like i said, it is all worth it!!!

Interior of the cafe

It is a small and petite cafe in the middle of the mall. But it doesn't make u feels that way, at all!
The small cafe is so cozy and there is a play area for kids to keepp them entertained, while the parents(like us) could sip our coffee and eat cake peacefully.

That's also one of the reason why i love this cafe so much!


And the main reason of course, their Pandan Gula Melaka Cake.
Give it a shot, peeps!


vitamin Syaza said...

Bleh try sini ni, selalu gak gi IOI tapi yang tak tahannya, ramai oranggggg huhuhu..

A Girl Like You said...

kan! weekend memang! kalau kita ni bawak stroller lagi susah, sebab lift sentiasa nya penuh!