Monday, September 14, 2015

Kulcats Bario

Roast Chicken RM 28

Somewhere around past few weeks (even before the Coach event), on a weekend, this wife, needed some break... needed to go out and just spend some times alone in a nice cafe or restaurant with the husband... 
Thus, we tried to go to Ikea but the traffic was so bad and we couldn't even reach there!
So TTDI is the second best option we had...
And... Kulcats Bario is the first thing came in mind during that time...
Dah lama benar pasang niat nak try~ 

Entering the restaurant, it was just a simple hipster-like restaurant...
The most interesting part of the restaurant was definitely the desserts bar, gosh too many tempting choices to select from! 
But, we both only choosed one dessert. Dont be greedy kay! We also ordered main dishes for each of us... For the sake of trying and for the sake of fill up our empty stomach :p

Overall, the dessert was the best and worth it!
 As for the mains, erm maybe they were too plain for such a price. Needed more kicks or needed some price reduced :p

And the service was awesome!
I'll come back for more desserts!!!

Cheezy Weezy
RM 21

Boom Boom Pie
RM 11

Complimentary Churros for trial

The churros was delicious!!!

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