Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our first raya

It is our first raya as husband and wife. 

Here's bit and pieces of it.   
Went back to my kampung in Johor one day before raya, so, i gotta showed him how we do it in my hometown, Segamat! 

Pagi raya, the guys went to the mosque and the ladies are working in the kitchen of my grandma's house.
After Raya prayer and makan-makan sesh, it’s my family’s ritual to sit down and take turns for the bersalam-salaman session.

 Raya was tiring for me usually as after the bersalam-salaman session, my family and i will shoot to Kota Tinggi to visit my father's side grandfather, but as for this year, we just stayed in Segamat since my grandfather just passed away last year :(
So we stayed home and waited for the guests to come! 

At night, bunga api and mercun session is on! The happiest group of people must be the kids. 
But psttt my husbands seems quite excited as well about all those mercun... 
Bagi la chance~ 

Amni & Adni with their new Uncle Ijat

We went back to Pahang & Sabak Bernam (my husband's kampung) on the 2nd of raya onwards. 

Feels so good that we're in this together now! ;) heee~
No more whatsapp-ing session or line session asking "how was your raya" anymore! 

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