Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#My Iftar Story : Fish & Co buffet & Celebrity Chef's (Chef Fazley) Recipes

Salam, hi!

I've been developing so much loves towards Fish and Co. and for this ramadhan, husband highlight to me about the Chef Fazley's desserts being featured in Fish & Co.'s Ramadhan Buffet. 
On a Friday (after gaji, heheh), I pick up the phone at my office and booked a table for three...
Yeah, me, husband and my brother =.= , cause i know bringing my brother to a buffet is never a loss... 
Plus, he can teman my husband when i need some times alone to do shopping :pp 

Variety of foods were there including fried & grilled seafoods, coleslaws & baked veges (yumms!), pastas & pizzas and also few types of English desserts.

We takes turn to go for maghrib prayer and stay there until 9pm... 

My catches

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