Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pasta date with ♥

Despite of our busy-ness of preparing things, well, we still need to eat right, kalau kurus sangat nanti, macam mana?! Kalau gemuk sangat, hmm, tak apa, hahaha! :p

So, foods and romance, aww perfect combinations! :p 

After spending the afternoon at a wedding and the evening at Jalan Tar to fabric hunting for ze dulang girls, we went to Pavillion to continue the hantaran hunting... 
Dah ada dulang, harus lah ada hantarannya, tak gitu?! 

And after finished with all sorts of shopping, we decided to have dinner at Bens
(yes baru gaji ye waktu itu :p) haha

Both of us decided to order pasta!
And we spent our romantic night playing with the cards on the table... 

Lol romantic lah SANGAT...

His Spaghettini Carbonara
RM 26

Soft Shell Crab Spaghettini
RM 28

And this event was last few weeks event... time flies...

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