Saturday, October 25, 2014

LOKL Coffee Company

Coffee date, as always... 

I was not in a good mood that time, 'cause i'm not so comfortable in my slippers & the clothes, and the weather is hot, and my fiance and i walked around Jalan Ampang like crazy...
We finally decided to go to LOKL which need us to go by car, and not walking ('cause we parked our car near to KLCC Mosque that time...)

When we reached there, lucky that the place is nice, and not crowded, not like any coffee places in TTDI or Bangsar

The shop is located in an old building in one of the shop lot, in the middle of KL, at Jalan Tun H.S.Lee to be exact...
The raindrops accompanied us that evening while we walked towards the shop, how romantic & so hindustan, awww~ 
Come, siapa nak jadi Shahrukh Khan i??? *tetiba

Flipping through the menu, we are glad that the prices of the coffees were average & some are slightly lower than any other places...

Coziness - tick
Price - tick
Don't need to queue - tick

After we ordered our coffees, we went to the cake counter to preview if there's anything that catch our eyes... 

RM 7.90


His Almond Chocolate Cake (something like that)
RM 12.90

My sexay Red Velvet cake
RM 12.90

I'm loving my cake! Taste splendid, especially with the cream cheese! I just love red velvet!
His chocolate cake was good as well, it just, i dont favor nuts so much... 

Ok now this is the photo of two lovebirds  *don't puke 

The waiting area at a corner of the shop.

Oh i'm wearing baju kurung 'cause we just got back from a friend's wedding

Anyway, sorry for such a late update & this actually was a very 'long time ago' event...:p

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